Monday, March 18, 2013

Firefly Craftiness!

This coming weekend I'm going to be participating in my 2nd 5K. I walked with a group of my favorite girls last year and loved it so much that we're doing it again this year. If you've never experienced FireflyRun DFW you need to.

Our theme this year is "geek chic" (thanks to the suggestion by my awesome friend Chris.) Nothing screams geek to me more than argyle (I should know, I love it) so I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my costume. I couldn't find an argyle sweater vest at the thrift store, but I found an awesome (brand new, with tags, 3XL Old Navy) argyle sweater and decided to fashion my own! (Plus, it needed girly flair, and traditional argyle sweaters lack the flair.)

I made my own pattern from some paper grocery bags I had in the pantry (I used another vest as a sort of "guide" but ended up just kind of hand sketching it.) I had enough sweater to make the front of the vest plus the lining (thanks to the sleeves) and a back piece but I needed some lining for the back so I hit my fabric stash and grabbed some cute kid jammie fabric (complete with monsters on it.)

The whole thing took less than 2 hours from start to finish and I can't wait to wear it with the rest of my costume! :)
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  1. Very cute. You need to post a photo of your whole outfit once you get it on.

  2. Sure will! I made a cute bowtie necklace to wear too!