Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Repurposed Chip Bag Shopping Tote

I run a club at my school called the Ecomaniacs--we just started this year and so far its been a lot of fun. The purpose of our club is to make fashion and crafts from materials that might otherwise be thrown away (for instance, the ridiculous amounts of chip bags that get thrown in the school cafeteria trashcans.) To demonstrate what "could" be done with the bags I made this bag. Its just a prototype. Future models would need some vinyl sewn onto the top to make it sturdier and more durable, but this is the start of something fun! I took this pic from my cell phone so its not the best one but its what I had at the time.

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  1. You can sign up with terracyle to start a chip bag brigade. You recycle your chip bags to them and they give .02 cents per bag to the charity of your choice. They have a great website -, I believe, that explains everything about the programs they offer. I teach school so we recycle them there and the money goes back to the school.
    They have lots of other brigades that you can sign up for as well.
    Happy recycling/repurposing!