Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My New Blog

Why the Teacup and Saucer? Why not? Tea is special to me for a variety of reasons--it tastes good, there are so many varieties, it can be a shared moment with friends (or those treasured but far less often times spent with my Mom). It can be warm or cold, plain or sugared, and with or without cream. You can be caffed or decaffed, green or black, fruity or spicy. Life is this way for the most part, and the beautiful thing about it is that you can change your preference whenever you feel like it so that it suits your mood. Ask me to pick a favorite tea and I don't know if I could. How do you pick a favorite out of so many lovely flavors?

Since becoming a Mom I spend a lot of time awake in the middle of the night while feeding my son. My teacup is so full right now that it runs over all the time! I mean this in several regards--mostly that my heart is so crammed full of love for my sweet little Lucas that it runs and spills over. However, my life has gotten slightly busier than it was before, leaving me less time to do projects and crafts that I'd like to do.

I decided that I wanted to create a blog where I could post pics and information about stuff that I'm doing, or working on, sewing, crafting or generally just trying to complete. It is not something that will be updated quite as often I'm sure, since my first and most important job is to be a good wife and mommy. Its a place to share interests, get tips, and highlight things that I find interesting. Its my variety blog, I guess. My teacup and saucer.


  1. Hi! Found your other blog. Our Lily is an Australian cattle dog also known as a red heeler or just heeler. Yeah, she does have some big ears. She's still growing into them.